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Capture the attention of your community with quality mobile apps with rich content.
Mobile represents more than 50% of internet traffic. Capture a new audience by creating Progressive Web Apps (PWA), iPhone, Android, iPad mobile applications.

Mobile Application

Maymoune POWER is modular and adapts in 5 minutes to your business and field of activity

12 application ideas with Maymoune POWER


You want to increase the audience of your website and retain your community


You want to become more independent from Youtube and monetize your audience


You want to retain your audience and diversify your listening channel


You want to communicate with your customers and share automatic content

Trainer & Coach

You want to communicate and share lessons and videos with your students


You want to share the list of future shows and other events with your audience


You want to share and reference the best places in your region to your readers

TV & Media Channel

You want to broadcast live the video stream of your event and your interviews


You want to broadcast your radio stream all day long and without interruption

Athlete & Artist

You want to share your creations and have a live dialogue with your community

Association & Club

(Football, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Rugby etc ..) and want to retain your members.


Let your imagination run free and adapt Maymoune Power to your job

Try Maymoune POWER

Create your PWA (Progressive Web Apps), iPhone, Androld and iPad application in 5 minutes

Internal content

Produce unlimited content with internal M-CMS

Maymoune offers you an easy to use internal M-CMS. You mix up to 8 content formats (Articles, Photos, Videos, Sounds, Map, Calendar, Form, Custom).

Become autonomous and inspire your community with rewarding content. Dazzle your fans with PWA (Progressive Web Apps), iPhone, Android and iPad applications.

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External content

Synchronize external content
in your application

Maymoune synchronizes in real time to the most popular content platforms.
You can import up to 16 different external content streams.


The content of your WordPress site is synchronized in real time


The content of your Squarespace site is synchronized in real time


Target your ideal search phrases and get found at the top of Google’s


Synchronize your Youtube channel in real time


Synchronize your podcast feed in real time


Connect your facebook page in the app


Connect your Twitter in the app


Connect your Instagram in the app

and more : Dailymotion, Flickr, QR Code, iCal/vCal, Flux Rss, KML, HTML

Try Maymoune POWER

Create your PWA (Progressive Web Apps), iPhone, Androld and iPad application in 5 minutes


They use the Maymoune Apps
on a daily

I use Maymoune for all types of professional or even personal projects. I said goodbye to technique and hello to efficiency.
CEO Digital Evolution
I immediately hooked with the solution and especially for its ease of use. I will be able to improve communication with the members of my club.
Aurore Reseau
The Aurore Reseau Périnatal application offers qualified medical content to its audience. Information for the general public and secure medical protocols via a private space for health professionals. Aurore Reseau is recognized as a world reference in its methods of "organization!
Aurore Reseau
Jérôme SAGE
We have been using Maymoune for a very long time at the club. We have followed the evolutions over the years which always go towards simplicity and speed of execution
Jérôme SAGE
Président ALCV TT
I bought Maymoune on AppSumo Honestly, I‘m OK with that, as what you get here is a very polished mobile optimised webshop, and you can literally have it up and running in MINUTES. I‘m very eager to learn where this one goes, it already looks very mature & polished, so having great hopes.
Tobias Kirchherr