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Provide the best mobile shopping experience to boost conversion and sales

Take advantage of a store compatible with all modern internet browsers. Your customers benefit from the same user experience with an interface adapted to each screen size (Desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile.)

Mobile Apps

Maymoune SHOP and mobile applications convert 3x more than a classic site

An e-commerce mobile application for whom?

You want to increase the audience of your website and retain your community

Local Business

You want to broadcast your radio stream all day long and without interruption


You want to become more independent from Youtube and monetize your audience


You want to communicate with your customers and share automatic content

Youtuber & Podcaster

You want to retain your audience and diversify your listening channel


You want to share the list of future shows and other events with your audience


You want to share and reference the best places in your region to your readers


You want to broadcast live the video stream of your event and your interviews

Association & Club

(Football, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Rugby etc ..) and want to retain your members.


You want to share your creations and have a live dialogue with your community


You want to communicate and share lessons and videos with your students


Let your imagination run free and adapt Maymoune Power to your business

Try Maymoune SHOP

Create your E-Commerce application in 5 minutes


Manage your E-Commerce store with a modern and easy to use back office

Maymoune offers a modern and complete e-Commerce platform which ensures the management of your items, stocks, sales, customer management and commercial animation with your customers.

Easily create your PWA (Progressive Web Apps), iPhone, Android and iPad application and collect your first income

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Boost your conversion rate
with a stunning customer experience

Maymoune Shop integrates the best features to boost an e-commerce store.
More than 100 features are accessible in 1 click to boost your turnover and improve your profitability.

Automatic login

Get more website traffic, more customers, and more visibility with

Permanent cart

Your website has to impress your visitors within just a few

1-click payment

Payment is made in a click or a glance with Apple Pay or registered card synchronized with Stripe or Paypal

Offline Paiement

Increase your sales by reaching a wider audience.

Click & Collect

Offer your customers a convenient in-store pickup option. Your customers place their order from your application and come to pick it up in your store.

Order reminder & abandoned cart

Never lose any orders, send emails and push notifications to your customers. The conversion rate and your sales will soar.

Import / Export

Import and export thousands of products in 2 minutes


Enrich your store with a blog in real time. Tell your story and the stories of your products to keep in touch with your customers.

And more : Notification push, 30 thèmes professionnels, cherche intuitive,
Statistiques, Sauvegardes, Asisstance et encore beaucoup plus..

Try Maymoune SHOP

Create your E-Commerce application in 5 minutes


They use the Maymoune Apps
on a daily

I use Maymoune for all types of professional or even personal projects. I said goodbye to technique and hello to efficiency.
CEO Digital Evolution
I immediately hooked with the solution and especially for its ease of use. I will be able to improve communication with the members of my club.
Aurore Reseau
The Aurore Reseau Périnatal application offers qualified medical content to its audience. Information for the general public and secure medical protocols via a private space for health professionals. Aurore Reseau is recognized as a world reference in its methods of "organization!
Aurore Reseau
Jérôme SAGE
We have been using Maymoune for a very long time at the club. We have followed the evolutions over the years which always go towards simplicity and speed of execution
Jérôme SAGE
Président ALCV TT
I bought Maymoune on AppSumo Honestly, I‘m OK with that, as what you get here is a very polished mobile optimised webshop, and you can literally have it up and running in MINUTES. I‘m very eager to learn where this one goes, it already looks very mature & polished, so having great hopes.
Tobias Kirchherr